Petitjean CDC Feathers Review

The fly tying world was first introduced to CDC feathers in Switzerland in the 1920s. More and more, we are seeing CDC being used in some of today’s most popular flies, and why not, the stuff is very fishy and moves naturally. Over the years, CDC has gotten to be “a must have” material if you’re going to keep up in the fly tying world. With the demand, the market has of course come out with multiple brands and colors. 

The quality of the feathers has gotten better over the years as well, and today the Petitjean brand is one of the top CDC feathers. Petitjean takes pride in providing top quality feathers. The colors are very accurate, and you can tell the feather has been completely cared for, keeping its integrity entirely through the dying process. Petitjean has developed their own unique production and finishing processes to ensure CDC Feathers are of the best quality. Each feather measures at almost 2 inches and full of life mimicking goodness, these are serious feathers and come in a either a 1 or 5 gram bag, A LOT OF FEATHERS!


Petitjean CDC Feathers (1 gram bag) and Petitjean CDC Feathers (5 gram bag) come in numerous colors.  They are available now and retail for $11.95 and $45.95 respectively.

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