Things To Consider When Sizing Your Wading Boots

Things To Consider When Sizing Your Wading Boots

Some of the most crucial pieces of equipment for fly fishers are their waders. They keep the water out and allows for comfortable movement in the water. But due to the design, you’ll need to purchase a special pair of boots to slip over the neoprene stocking. You need to be aware of things to consider when sizing your wading boots to ensure everything fits properly.

Always Check the Manufacturer’s Sizing Chart

Because of the wader’s stocking, your normal boots won’t fit properly due to the bulkier material of the wader. As a result, you’ll need to purchase about one size bigger than your everyday boots to accommodate the extra material.

This isn’t always a guaranteed method of getting the correct fit, but it’s a good rule of thumb. Many wader manufacturers understand the sizing difference, providing an adjusted sizing chart for people to reference to make boot selection easier.

Test With Your Waders On

You should never take the sizing chart as the be-all and end-all. You’ll need to put on your waders and give the boots a try personally. When you go to a physical storefront, bring your waders along and put them on before trying out the boots.

You want a snug fit that doesn’t crush your feet. So make sure there’s no extra room for your foot to slip around. Ill-fitting boots can significantly affect your stability in the water, increasing your chances of falling over into the stream.

Make Sure Everything Is Comfortable

Don’t just try on the boots and see if they fit; determine if they’re comfortable enough for extended trips through rough terrain. While you can’t simulate the rough surface of the outdoors in a store, you can get an approximation by walking around the store a few times to see if your feet become sore.

If your feet get tired or start to hurt, you’ll need to look at other boots that offer more heel or arch support. If walking hurts in the store, it’ll hurt much more in the woods.

Keep Yourself Safe

When you decide to pick up a pair of men’s or women’s fly fishing boots, you need to understand the considerations for sizing your wading boots. Make sure they fit, guarantee they’re comfortable, and know that they won’t fall apart after only a few trips out. Your boots serve to protect your feet from damage, and you want to make sure they stand up against the elements.

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