The Difference Between Spey and Switch Fly Rods

The Difference Between Spey and Switch Fly Rods

Just like a baseball player needs the perfect bat, an experienced angler needs an exceptional fly rod. This post will focus on the difference between spey and switch fly rods, enabling you to make the right decision. With all the options out there, it helps to know what to expect with each purchase.


Larger Casting Area

Because spey rods are larger than switch rods, you can easily cast longer distances and control your line. Additionally, the wind will have little effect with spey casting because you fire your line from either shoulder.

Equip Heavier Lures

A spey rod allows you to utilize heavier lures for fishing. Sink-tips, split shot, heavy rigs, and strike indicators are more manageable with a two-handed rod.

Noticeable Pull

You’ll be able to feel the fight of your fish from the pull of your rod. It’s invigorating when you are in a showdown, and the spey rod helps you reel in your prize.

Better for Aging Anglers

Fishing is a relaxing experience that lets you take in the sights and sounds of nature while doing something you love. With a spey rod in hand, you won’t have to worry about losing your energy because the two-handed casting won’t do as much damage to your body.



Switch rods aren’t long and weigh significantly less than a spey rod, making one-handed casting not as draining. Furthermore, if you still opt for a two-handed cast, you can let loose and generate more power.

Alternate Styles

A switch rod offers flexibility in your fishing endeavors, letting you alternate methods without grabbing a new rod. You can cast single-handed or double-handed, depending on your surroundings.

Easier To Use in Tight Spots

With bigger spey rods, it can be challenging to operate when trees and other obstacles surround you. A switch rod gives an angler some leeway because of the overhead, one-handed cast you can’t do with a spey rod.

Hooking Capabilities

It’s incredibly frustrating when you have something on the line and your hook fails you. You can avoid that situation next time by using a switch rod. The hook-setting capabilities with a switch rod are better than a spey, making it the optimal choice.

The Choice Is Yours

The differences between spey and switch fly rods are noticeable, but they also have a lot of commonalities. Each choice depends on your needs, so check out our fly shop at Ed Fly’s Shop, where you will find your perfect rod!

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