Reasons Why You Should Tie Your Own Flies

Reasons Why You Should Tie Your Own Flies

One of the most essential tools for any fly fisher is the fly; essentially, it’s the bait that attracts the fish. Without this, an angler will spend all day wading in the water, not getting so much as a nibble. While you can purchase flies, there are several reasons why you should tie your own flies. These can range from cost-effectiveness to personal preference, so be aware of why you’d want to tie your own fly fishing flies.

Visual Diversity for Fish

It may not seem like a significant benefit that the flies you tie yourself present a range of different visuals for the fish, but it can make a difference. When multiple anglers use the same commercially available flies in the same stream, it can condition the fish to realize what’s going on.

The benefit of diversifying your flies is that it will catch the fish off-guard; when they see something different, they’re more likely to go after it. Fish will fall for the same fly so many times, but they’ll eventually get wise to what’s happening.

Save on Costs

When you rely on purchasing flies, those costs will compound over time. It’s something you need to purchase regularly, and you’ll eventually feel those purchases when you fly fish for a long enough time.

Tying your own flies, while it is a more time-consuming process, will save you money in the long run. Initially, it may seem like it’s more expensive, but that’s only due to the need to buy the necessary equipment; one of the essential tools is the fly fishing vise. Don’t let the initial costs discourage you, as it will be far cheaper to make your own over some time.

It’s a Hobby in Itself

Fly fishing is a popular hobby among lovers of the outdoors, but tying flies opens up a new opportunity for a favorite pastime. The technique and versatility involved with tying a personalized fly open many doors for creative outlets, allowing you to customize your equipment and specialize your technique.

There are many anglers who find that the best part about fly fishing is constructing the flies themselves. So even when you can’t make it to the stream for a fly fishing trip, you can take the time to prepare for your next one, tying your flies and making each one tailored to your technique.

Enhance Your Fishing Trips

Making your own flies brings a number of advantages, improving your technique and personalizing your equipment. Don’t limit yourself by purchasing substandard tools when you can make high-quality ones yourself. Highlight your skills with the necessary tools and save yourself some money in the process.

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