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Scientific Anglers Fly Rods

Before heading out to the stream and casting a line, aspiring anglers must practice their technique to get the fundamentals down. This practice is necessary to understand how to move and manipulate your fly rod, ensuring you get a good cast every time.

For training purposes, we have scientific anglers fly rods available, allowing fly fishers to practice without risking their actual rod. Inexpensive and practical, our scientific anglers fly rods give you the tools you need to practice your cast and develop your skills without needing a high-end fly rod.

Built using fly-rod design principles on a micro scale, the Groove practice fly rod perfectly imitates the action of a fly rod and can help you iron out the kinks in your cast without stepping foot on the water or going outside. Warning—some co-workers may not appreciate you practicing in the office. We speak from experience.

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