A Quick Overview of Fly Fishing Etiquette

A Quick Overview of Fly Fishing Etiquette

Every game and sport has unwritten rules and etiquette you need to follow, and fly fishing is no exception. For example, being loud while fishing is like a baseball player bunting a ball in the middle of a perfect game. Learn a quick overview of fly fishing etiquette to guarantee that you aren’t upsetting fellow anglers by being ignorant.

Keep Quiet

You can enjoy the sounds of nature while fishing, like a stream trickling, birds chirping, and wildlife scurrying. However, other than nature’s soothing sounds, the only other noise you should hear is the sound of your fly zipping through the air after a perfect cast. 

Keep the talking to a minimum and whisper if you must. Celebrate your catches silently so you don’t scare away other fish. It’s perfectly fine to get excited when you reel in a fish, but act like you’ve done it before. You don’t want to attract unwanted attention from your peers.

Respect the Fish

One of the adages in sports is “game respects game.” This phrase implies that, even in a competition, you must respect your opponent’s will and determination on the field. Granted, you and the fish aren’t battling in the trenches for 60 minutes, but you have to respect your counterparts.

Fish are delicate creatures, and some of the ones you catch might be running out of time naturally or haven’t grown to their peak size yet. That’s why catch and release is fair for everyone. Take a picture and send them back home.

Give Plenty of Space

You don’t want to be on top of other anglers in the water, especially if someone set up there first. Give ample space for yourself and others to guarantee everyone has the best experience. Additionally, those who are also figuring out their fishing spots should discuss quietly and plan accordingly.

Considering other people’s space holds true for boaters. Boaters should make sure they don’t stop right where someone on the shore is casting. There should be enough space between the boat and the coast to avoid crosslines.

Notice the Small Things

Remember that even a small thing like your shadow can deter potential fish and prevent another angler from catching anything. Taking in your surroundings helps avoid snafus, so don’t take anything for granted. 

Lastly, everyone had to start somewhere. If someone isn’t adhering to the unwritten rules of fly fishing, kindly remind them rather than criticize them. 

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