A Quick Overview of the Best Weather for Fly Fishing

A Quick Overview of the Best Weather for Fly Fishing

Fishing is a test of patience, skill, and knowledge with a little bit of luck thrown in. By practicing and researching before a fishing trip, you can greatly increase your chances of catching the fish you want. Learn more about the best weather for fly fishing so you can best plan out your trips.

Bright Sunny Days

Many people go fishing when the sun is high and the sky is clear, which makes sense as it feels the best. Who doesn’t love going out and enjoying the sun? However, sunny skies don’t guarantee a catch. If you’re fly fishing for trout, then sunny days aren’t your friend. You’ll be competing with everyone else who’s out fishing, so the trout will be less active.

Cloudy With a Chance of Trout

The best weather for fly fishing is a cloudy day with little to no rain. The rain will draw out more trout because they like hunting in this weather. This is the perfect time for you to get some flies from a fly shop and go to the nearest river to catch some trout. Also, most people aren’t willing to fish in rain, so you’ll likely have less competition.

Thunderstorm Days

Although light rain and clouds can bring in trout, thunderstorms do the opposite. Without the rain, trout won’t come out to hunt nearly as much as they would on a cloudy day. Plus, the noise from the thunder can scare them away from the surface, making fishing difficult.

Heavy Rain Days

While trout may be more active in heavy rain, it’s not worth all the issues that come with a downpour. First off, it’s dangerous to be in or near a river during heavy rainfall, as the river can sweep you away. Also, controlling your fly presentation is a lot more difficult and won’t attract trout, making fishing difficult and unsafe.

With this information on the best weather for fly fishing, you can now improve your chances when fishing. Combining this with your other skills and knowledge, you can achieve the best results from your fishing trips!

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