Douglas Fly Rods

Douglas Fly Rods

We're excited to announce the addition of Douglas Fly Rods to Ed's Fly Shop.  We've been hearing about the Douglas SKY rod, and its recent win in the George Anderson’s Yellowstone Angler 6 weight Shootout in 2016 and 2017.  We had the opportunity to cast the Douglas SKY 9’0” 6 weight fly rod for ourselves.  We were impressed, with minimal effort the line easily propelled 60 feet forward.  The Douglas DXF 6 weight fly rod was also awarded “Best Mid-Priced Rod” in 2017, and the DXF 5 weight won "Best Mid-Priced Rod" in 2015, 2016, and 2017  by George Anderson’s Yellowstone Angler.

If you aren't familiar, Douglas Outdoors is a newer company to the fly fishing industry, established in 2014 by the Barclay family.  Th e Barclay family is known for their conservation efforts and owning the infamous Do uglaston Salmon Run in Pulaski, New York.  Douglas Outdoors primary mission to produce high-quality rods and reels. They currently have six series of fly rods including SKY, DXF, Upstream, Upstream Plus, DHF, and LRS.  Let's take a close look at their rods including the two rods that have won recent awards.

SKY Series


  • As mentioned, the SKY won the George Anderson’s Yellowstone Angler 6-WT Shootout the past two years
  • Designed utilizing exclusive next generation nano carbon matrix materials for never before seen weight to strength ratio’s
  • Each rod is designed with a unique taper that combines moderate fast actions with fast recovery for maximum casting efficiency
  • All SKY rods feature Fuji’s brand new Torzite Titanium stripper guide and single foot REC Titanium Recoil Guides
  • Finished with the highest quality AAAA grade flor cork grips, burled black wood reel seats with double up locking rings and nylon rings to ensure the strongest hold on your reel
  • 7-12 weight models designed with faster actions and special type II anodized reel seats and unique hidden hook keepers
  • Specialty European inspired nymphing rods in 10’ 2, 3 & 4 weight models and 11’ 3 & 4 weight models
  • Each rod comes stored in an unique water wicking, breathable rod sock and aluminum tube
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • The SKY Series comes in multiple lengths (9'0"-11'0") and weights (3-12wt).  It is available now and retails for $695.

DXF Series

  • Awarded “Best Mid-Priced 6 Weight Rod” for 2017 and "Best Mid-Priced 5 Weight Rod" in 2015, 2016, and 2017 in George Anderson’s Yellowstone Angler Shootout
  • Designed with high modulus graphite utilizing Douglas Outdoors unique X Matrix carbon technology for unbeatable weight and sensitivity
  • Versatile range of lengths and weights covering all styles of fly fishing from trout and saltwater to two-handed spey casting
  • A specialty range of European inspired nymphing rods that include 10’ 2, 3, 4 & 5 weights as we ll as 11’ nymphing rods in 3 & 4 weights
  • All DXF rods are finished with the highest quality components including AAA cork grips, burled wood reel seat with anodized double up locking rings, SIC striper and hard chrome snake guides and a gorgeous matte green finish
  • All DXF rods come packaged in a protective codura tube and reel sock
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • The DXF Series comes in multiple lengths (8'6"-11'6") and weights (2-12wt). It is available now and retails between $349 to $475.

Upstream Series

  • Designed with one of a kind actions that combine traditional feel and finish with modern low modulus graphite and resins for the most uniquely accurate and lightweight small water rods
  • Natural Tonkin bamboo color with matte finish and clear wraps
  • Eight rod choices, available in two, four, and six piece models ideal for travelers and backpackers
  • Each Upstream comes packed in a fine brushed aluminum rod tube with rod sock
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • The Upstream Series comes in multiple lengths (6'6"-8'8") and weights (2-4wt). It is available now and retails between $350 and $425.

Upstream Plus Series

  • A “bigger water” version of the Douglas Outdoor original Upstream
  • Modern low modulus graphite and resins for ideal performance in all trout fishing environments
  • Designed to be the ultimate presentation rod, unmatched in grace and feel
  • Vintage look and feel, designed with the benefits of the most modern nano-resins and components
  • Built with one of a kind actions reminiscent to finely crafted bamboo
  • Natural Tonkin bamboo color with matte finish and clear wraps
  • Packaged with a fine brushed aluminum rod tube and sock
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • The Upstream Plus Series comes in 9'0" and weights (4-6wt). It is available now and retails for $495.



DHF Series

  • 10’ fly rods with heavy power actions for landing large river and lake run species like salmon, steelhead and brown trout
  • Interchangeable 2” & 4” fighting butts for either single hand or switch casting
  • Each rod comes in a cloth rod sock
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • The LRS Series comes in 10'0" and weights (6-10wt). It is available now and retails for $149.

Douglas Outdoors offers one of the highest performance level rods at less than 2/3 the price of the ultra-premium rods. They believe that by not matching the thousand dollar plus price point they are able to get the rod into more hands and still able to appeal to top end anglers.  

What are others saying about Douglas Outdoors?

"The amazing Douglas Sky dominated to take #1 over the new Loomis Asquith, in both the overall score and the performance categories.  The Douglas DXF, at $349.95 was our favorite mid-priced rod as it was in our last 5-weight shootout." Yellowstone Angler: 2016 6 Weight Shootout

 “New from Douglas is the premium lineup of SKY fly rods.  Using blanks constructed with nano carb on matrix materials and resins from the aerospace industry, these rods ar e built with nice soft tips to allow them to load easily at close range but still have plenty of power to go long.” Demystifly: IFTD 2016: Douglas Outdoors

Regarding the Douglas SKY 5 weight, "The one thing that I really like about this rod is that it truly is a great, do-it-all five weight. This rod will be great in the hands of any fly fisherman, whether they are a beginner, or experienced. I’ve done just about everything with this rod over the last several weeks. The action of the rod is perfect for a long list of techniques. From stripping streamers for bass, nymphing deep runs for trout, or throwing small dries on long leaders, this rod really is a perfect tool to effectively fish for anything, anyhow. I’ve been really impressed with the way this rod has performed so far, and I’m looking forward to traveling with this five weight.” Gink & Gasoline SKY Rod Review

“The performance of the SKY 7-weight is awesome. SKY rods are different in the fact that each model has an action tailored to its size and intended usage. This particular model has excellent power down the blank for both distance and fighting fish, but best of all it has a very forgiving tip for short casting.” Demystifly SKY 7 Weight Review


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