Fly Fishing in Hot Weather: 6 Summer Fly Fishing Tips

Fly Fishing in Hot Weather: 6 Summer Fly Fishing Tips

Fly fishing is a year-round activity, with great opportunities for catching fish regardless of the time of year. But that doesn’t mean you can treat every season the same, as you’ll need to tackle each one differently. For the summer months coming up, here are six hot weather fly fishing tips you can use to make it easier for yourself.

Start Your Day Early

The first thing you should do when fishing in the summer is start early in the morning. This will give you plenty of time in the cooler weather. Also, fish are often more active in the cooler waters of the morning.

Stay Out of the Sun

Your worst enemy during a hot summer day isn’t the water but the sun. Staying in direct sunlight is dangerous for your body and can quickly drain your energy and heat you up to unsafe levels. Always try being in the shade or wear heavy sunscreen and protective gear.

Watch Your Shadows

Sunny days mean your shadow will be a lot more distinct, which is bad for anyone fishing. The large shadow of a person in the water will scare off lots of fish and make catching them much more difficult. Therefore, be aware of where your shadow falls and try not to spook fish as you approach the water.

Bring Your Dries

Dries are the best flies in the summer heat, as the fish will believe the flies are real more often. Summer brings insects, and dries represent those insects better than any other fly you can bring. Your aim is to mimic nature.

Stay Away From Others

Fishing in the summer is highly competitive, as so many people like spending their time near the water in hot weather. However, this can make fishing difficult because they can scare away all the fish from you or your fishing group. That’s why avoiding them is the best thing you can do.

Go to Higher Places

The last tip we can give you for fly fishing in the hot summer weather is to head upward as much as possible. These spots are generally cooler, and the fish stay active longer in these waters. It’s the best way to increase your chances at catching fish throughout the day.

These tips should help you beat the heat and catch as many fish as possible. However, you’ll still need to bring the right gear and knowledge on your trip, which is why getting some quality fly reels and studying up on your location are still some of the best things you can do. If you need to find a fly fishing shop online, look no further than Ed’s Fly Shop. Visit us today!

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