Fly Fishing vs. Spin Fishing: Which Is Better for You?

Fly Fishing vs. Spin Fishing: Which Is Better for You?

There are many fishing styles. Two popular ones are fly fishing and spin fishing. Each has benefits and uses, and one may be more suitable for you, depending on your goal. Here, we’ll tackle which one is the better option for you by comparing fly fishing and spin fishing.

The Differences

To understand which is better for you, you first need to understand the differences between these styles. Fly fishing uses a lighter rod to cast in running waters like rivers. Anglers use a “fly” as bait to draw in fish. Typically, this includes a presentation technique to make the bait look real. Spin fishing requires a heavier rod that has a lure to draw in catches by acting like a small fish. It’s generally better in still waters.

What Are You Catching?

One of the big things you need to ask yourself when deciding which method of fishing to choose is which fish you want to catch. Although you’ll likely catch all kinds of fish, fly fishing can be very good at capturing trout and other specific fish. Meanwhile, spin fishing typically catches a wider range of fish species distinct from fly fishing because of the different equipment and approach it uses.

Why Are You Fishing?

Another question you should figure out before choosing your style is why you want to fish. Fly fishing is more of a hobby and sport, although plenty of people feed themselves with this method. Spin fishing is better for fishing on a lake over a river, so people who like catching fish on a lake benefit from spin fishing more. Also, because spin fishing is slightly better at catching a wider variety of fish, people like to use it to feed themselves.

Which Catches More?

While most of it comes down to the skill of each person and a lot of luck, fly fishing can actually be better for catching more fish. This often comes down to the presentation being more natural and easier to control when fly fishing. Additionally, running water means you can be stealthier when fishing, giving you a better chance of catching a fish.

This is all the information you should need to consider when weighing whether fly fishing or spin fishing is the right choice for you. There’s no definitive answer for which one is better since it depends on your needs. But if you’re looking to start fly fishing, you should know you can always find fly reels made in the USA online from Ed’s Fly Shop.

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