New Umpqua Fly Boxes Review

New Umpqua Fly Boxes Review

Umpqua introduces a new line of fly boxes which is sure to fit your needs on the rivers or lakes. These fly boxes have been well designed and take into consideration the anglers needs to store his or her flies neatly, protected, and quickly accessible. Produced in two different styles and many sizes the Heavy Duty (HD), and the Light (LT), bring new innovation in fly box concept and design. The Heavy Duty style fly box offers a clear lid to quickly identify flies, a huge plus when on the river looking in your pack at 3 or 4 fly boxes at a time. A sturdy latch grabs the clear lids and seals the box tight to class 3 water resistance; if you take a dip rest assured your flies are protected. The Light style fly box offers exactly what it says, lighter in weight than the Heavy Duty fly boxes and slimmer for anglers who carry it all. This box is easy to open and is manufactured with magnetic closures bringing simple design and functionality to the stream. Both the Heavy Duty and Light style fly boxes are equipped with TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) inserts which are lighter than silicone and temperature resistant. TPE is a game changer in the way anglers store flies, it gives and squeezes the hook when inserted in the slot and will not develop memory over time. Each box has a unique 3D TPE insert design and gives the angler all of the options for storing flies from terrestrials, dry flies, large nymphs, midges, and small streamers. One very unique feature which makes the box easy to use on stream is the swing leaf insert. This gives the angler the ability to open the fly box and access both sides without having to close and re-open another side. Choose from a variety of styles and colors, Umpqua Feather Merchants has developed a solid storage system for your bug collection!

HD Midge

Small and compact this box measures 6.25” x 4.0” x 1.4”. The fly box comes in an attractive blue clear lid and seals tight with class 3 water resistance. The TPE insert has been uniquely molded to neatly store the small stuff. One side of the swing leaf insert can be used for a variety of flies and larger midges, perfect for storing the heavier nymphs needed to sink small flies when fishing two fly rigs. The reverse side of the leaf is reserved for the micro midges and smaller flies. Variable molding or a series of raised slits very close together can be stacked with small flies and is accompanied by a magnetic storage pad for quick changes on the fly or for drying the pattern.  The  HD Midge is available now.  

HD Daytripper

Offered in the same size as the HD Midge 6.25” x 4.0” x 1.4”, the HD Day Tripper comes in a fishy olive clear lid, waterproof, and is designed to do what it says, handle a day’s worth of flies for your next trek. With the ability to hold flies from small midges, larger nymphs, dries and terrestrials this is a one stop box for an afternoon after work or day trip on your local waters. One side of the TPE insert can be used for larger nymphs, dries, terrestrials, and features a raised pad in the middle so larger flies don’t butt up against one another smashing legs and materials. The reverse side is used for smaller flies and features the magnetic pad as well for storage.  The  HD Daytripper is available now.

HD Weekender

A step up in size compared to the Midge and Day Tripper, the HD Weekender measures 7.75” x 4.5” x 1.6” and is designed to hold a large number of flies. This box comes in a fishy olive, offers class 3 water resistance and seals tight with a nice wide latch ensuring proper seal. The swing leaf insert can be loaded down on one side with smaller flies, larger nymphs, dries and comes with a large magnetic pad for quick fly storage. On the reverse side the insert gives the angler ample space with the raised pad and plenty of storage for terrestrials, larger dries and nymphs.  The  HD Weekender is available now.

HD Large

Boasting a large storage capacity the HD Large Fly Box is the same as the HD Weekender at 7.75” x 4.5” x 1.6”, and comes with different TPE inserts. The box has a gray, blue, or olive green clear lid with sturdy latch to ensure proper seal and class 3 water resistance. The TPE inserts are identical and give the angler ample room with 30 rows to insert flies. Small to big flies can be stored and the height of the box will protect your dry flies as well. This box would be perfectly loaded down with dries on one side and your droppers on the other.  The  HD Large is available now.

HD Medium

The HD Medium fly box is basically a duplicate of the HD Large in a smaller size. The box measures 6.25” x 4.0” x 1.4” and still offers plenty of storage without taking too much room in the pack. The box comes in a gray, blue, or olive colored clear lid with a sturdy latch and is sealed to class 3 water resistance. There are 11 rows on both sides of the swing leaf offering ample storage in a compact box. This box is perfect for those pockets which will not accommodate a larger fly box.  The  HD Medium is available now.

LT High Weekender

This fly box was designed to be more of a slim and streamlined addition to your arsenal and measures in at 7.25” x 4.0” x 1.0”. The LT High Weekender comes in a solid olive and has easy to open magnetic lids which house the 2 TPE inserts. Although the box is not water proof, this is why it comes in lighter in weight than the HD series, a plus for the venturing angler putting on miles for the fish. The inside left insert has the raised pad for larger dries and terrestrials and plenty of storage for the tungsten and larger nymphs. The inside right TPE insert can hold all the medium sized nymphs, smaller flies, dries, and has the magnetic pad for quick changes on the stream.  The  LT High Weekender is available now.

LT Daytripper

The LT Day Tripper was designed to carry a days’ worth of flies and gives the angler all the options for loading small to large flies. The box is slightly slimmer than the LT Weekender and measures at 7.25” x 4.0” x .75”. The box comes with a clear olive magnetic lid and has 1 TPE insert which makes the box lighter than the LT Weekender. The insert has a raised pad in the center for larger flies such as small streamers and terrestrials. On either side of the raised pad there are slots for smaller flies which will house everything from a size 10 to 22, dry or nymph.  The  LT Daytripper is available now.

LT Standard High

The LT High Fly Box is the same size as the LT Weekender at 7.25” x 4.0” x 1.0”, and was designed to hold a wide range of dries and nymphs. The height of this box at 1 inch will protect your large dry flies and hackle, a very important detail to the picky dry fly angler, presentation is everything. The box comes in a clear gray, blue, or olive lid with magnetic closure and snaps tight. The TPE insert is the same as the LT Day Tripper which can hold small streamers, terrestrials, large and small nymphs. The only difference between this box and the LT Day Tripper is the one quarter inch height.  The  LT Standard High is available now.

LT Standard

The LT Standard is slightly slimmer than the LT Standard High coming in at 7.25”x4.0”x.75”. The slender design is perfect for those who like low profile organization. The LT Standard is designed to carry dries and nymphs. The box comes in a clear gray, blue, or olive lid with magnetic closure that’s secure. The LT Standard has 15 rows to insert flies. This box is good for light weight carry and ability for sliding into slim pocket storage or stacking.  The  LT Standard is available now.

LT Midge

The LT Midge box is the same size as the LT Day Tripper and was designed to be slim for easy stacking in your pack. The more boxes you can comfortably carry means that many more bugs on the stream, and a more lethal angler. The box comes in a clear blue lid and seats tight with the corner magnets when closed. One TPE insert on the inside makes this box lighter and still gives plenty of storage for a day’s trip in. Equipped with micro slots for the small stuff the box also has standard slots for larger midges and dries. On one end of the insert there is a magnetic pad for storing used flies which also allows them to dry out, keeping your hooks rust free.   The LT Midge is available now.

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