Upstream vs. Downstream: Where Should You Fish?

Upstream vs. Downstream: Where Should You Fish?

When looking to cast your fishing rod, you should know where to stand. This has a major influence on your success. Although you can cast in various places, the chances of a fish biting your fly are different depending on the location. That’s why learning more about whether you should fish upstream or downstream can be useful.

Upstream vs. Downstream

The simple answer to where you should fish is generally upstream. Fish naturally swim against the flow of water, which means fishing upstream gives you many advantages. This is especially true for smaller rivers and streams, where there’s much less room to navigate.

Better Stealth

One of the main advantages of upstream fishing is that fish will have a harder time seeing you. Fish are very cautious and will leave an area with someone in it, so hiding while fishing can be critical for success. This is great for noise reduction as the rushing water can stifle any noise you make while moving around.

Natural Presentation

Fish won’t bite if they don’t think something is food, which is why presentation is so influential on fishing success. Casting upstream helps you make the bait seem more natural to the fish. As a result, they become more likely to bite. There’s more to presentation than location, though, such as fly choice. If you’re looking for a fly that’ll work for your specific fishing target, you can count on us to have the fly you need, along with fly reels made in the USA for you.

More Control

Fishing downstream means your fly pulls away from you as time goes on, as it flows with the stream. This means you get less control over time, while an upstream cast gives you more control over your fly. Therefore, your presentation can be better and help you when casting and reeling in a fish.

These are just a few points to learn about where you should fish and the differences between fishing upstream vs. downstream. Although there are benefits to fishing downstream, upstream fishing is much better for your catch chances in most cases.

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