Walton’s Thumb Fisherman’s Multi Tool

Walton’s Thumb Fisherman’s Multi Tool

The Walton’s Thumb is a specialized folding knife made of stainless steel and has 10 unique functions invaluable to anglers. There are 4 lever operated tools including Pincer, Clipper, Crimper and Split Shot Opener, and there are 6 folding tools including Knife, Screw Driver, Split Ring Opener, Scissor, Hook Eye Cleaner and Lanyard Ring. The Walton Thumb was thoughtfully crafted to accomplish numerous angler tasks.

  • Pincer - Long pincer nose is shaped perfectly for ease in clinching split shot, debarbing hooks, or removing hooks.  Pincer can be used as a small plier or tweezer.
  • Clipper – Clipper is flat ground and side positioned for precision line clipping.

  • Knot Tag Crimper – Knot tag crimper is designed to crimp knot tag ends and substantially increase knot reliability preventing monofilament knot slip-out.
  • Split Shot Opener – Concealed split shot opener allows for easy removal of split shot without damage to split shot, line, or leader.

  • Knife – Knife blade is custom convex contoured for easy sharpening.
  • Screwdriver – Screwdriver is flat head sized to fit fishing reels.

  • Split Ring Opener - Split ring opener can be used to assemble lures and attach hooks to lures by means of a split ring.

  • Scissors - Scissors can be used to trim hackle.

  • Hook Eye Cleaner - Stiletto or hook eye cleaner and knot picker is designed to remove knots without damaging the line or leader and clean out the hook eye.
  • Lanyard Ring - Lanyard ring for easy carrying and loss prevention.

  • The Walton’s Thumb is small enough to hang from a vest or fit comfortably in a pocket due to its flat shape and light weight. The knife measures 3” when folded, and 4” when fully extended. It makes a great everyday carry and a perfect gift for the angler that has everything. 

    History of Walton's Thumb Fisherman's Multi Tool

    Walton’s Thumb Fisherman’s Multi Tool was first introduced in Boulder, CO by Hank Roberts in the 1970s. The tool was named after Izaak Walton who was the famous author of The Compleat Angler and "the use of our opposing thumb". The tool had many unique and useful features for anglers on and off the river and was advertised in Field & Stream and other outdoor publications. The production of the tool was discontinued in the 1980s, when Hank Roberts sold his business.

    Approximately 20 years ago, The Creek Company introduced Walton’s Thumb when a man stopped by their booth at a trade show and talked about tool. The Creek Company was able to locate some of the original tools and enjoyed using them so much that they decided to manufacture them. In 2015, The Creek Company re-introduced the Walton’s Thumb, and it was named one of the top gift ideas for the 2015 Christmas season by Field & Streams Fly Talk Fishing Blog.

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