Why You Should Oil Your Fly Reel Regularly

Why You Should Oil Your Fly Reel Regularly

Fly fishing is a very fulfilling activity almost anyone can take up with the proper commitment. Full of both intense moments and relaxing focus, fly fishing is quite the fun sport. However, equipment for fly fishing, namely the reel, need proper maintenance for the activity. One of the more important maintenance activities is oiling your fly reel.

Why Oil Your Reel

It may seem like a hassle and a bit of a money drain, but there are two reasons why you should oil your fly reel regularly. First is the slow wear that builds on a reel, and the second is for better use. We’ll go into more detail about each point here.

Wear and Tear

Every reel uses moving parts during it’s cast, which causes friction that wears down on the whole reel. Applying lubrication helps alleviate this wear and greatly extends the lifespan of your rod. Ignoring this part of maintenance will cause your reel to break quickly, and you’ll soon need a replacement or full repair.

Better Use

The second reason that oiling your fishing reel is useful is the fact that it helps with casting and the moving parts of the reel. An unlubricated fishing reel is difficult to use, as the line and reel endure more friction. This slows down all the moving parts and makes you work harder for the same results as an oiled fishing reel. That’s why you should oil your fly reel regularly.

Frequency of Care

The last important part of oiling your fly reel is knowing how often you should do it. There’s no simple answer, as frequency of use and environment play a large factor. Typically, oiling your reel bearings every few months and the gears once a year is enough. However, saltwater fishing can cause more damage and may require more frequent oiling. Aim for 4 or more oiling maintenance sessions a year, and you’ll be on the right track.

Now that you know the proper way to care for the oiling of your fly reel components, you can fully invest yourself in the activity. If you’re looking for new fly reels made in USA, then you can always count on us at Colorado Fishing Company to help you fish to your heart’s content.

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