Expert Techniques

Are you looking to learn fly fishing or improve a fly fishing technique?  A professional guides can help you build your fly fishing skills, expand your understanding of entomology, work the kinks out of your presentation, or learn a new technique.  Let us know what we can do to help you improve your day on the water.  

Euro Nymph Class

  Half Day 1 Person - $320
  Half Day 2 Person - $420

Introduction to Entomology

  2 Hour - $40/Person

Beginning Fly Casting

If you are new to Fly Fishing, learning basic casting principles will greatly shorten your learning curve and make your time on the water much more enjoyable. In this class you will learn hand positions for casting and line management, casting stroke and fly rod motion, types of casting loops and how to form them, and how to make your rod do the work.  In addition, you will be taught basic casts including the pick up and lay down, roll cast, and water haul.  

Instructor:  Bill Frangos has been teaching casting for over twenty years and fly fishing for over fifty years.

2 Hour - $125/Person
2 Hour - $200/Person
Class of Up to Six - $75