Float Trip

A float trip experience on the Gunnison River is world-renowned among fly-fishing enthusiasts.  The Gunnison River is known for its large wild rainbows and brown trout, and stands above most fisheries in the United States. We have partnered with Gunnison River Expeditions (outfitters permit #2561) who have professional guides that are experienced and offer the best Gunnison River fly-fishing experience available.  

Black Canyon of the Gunnison

1-Day Float Fish - $1,250/Boat (2 Persons/Boat)
2-Day Float Fish - $2,800/Boat (2 Persons/Boat)
3-Day Float Fish - $3,600/Boat (2 Persons/Boat)
2-Day Gear Boat - $2,800 in June/$1,800 Other Months
3-Day Gear Boat - $3,600 in June/$2,500 Other Months

Lower Canyon: Pleasure Park to Austin

1-Day Float Fish - $500/1 Person
1-Day Float Fish - $600/Boat (2 Persons/Boat)

Lower Canyon: Pleasure Park to Orchard

Half Day Float Fish - $400/1 Person
Half Day Float Fish - $ 450/Boat (2 Persons/Boat)